Ceria Brewing Gets Craft With New Spotify Ad Campaign for Its Alcohol-free THC- and CBD-Infused Craft Beers

Ceria Brewing Gets Craft With New Spotify Ad Campaign for Its Alcohol-free THC- and CBD-Infused Craft Beers

Jackson Savarese Appointed California Sales Representative



ARVADA, Colorado (July 25, 2022) – Ceria Brewing Company, makers of alcohol-free (AF) THC- and CBD-infused craft beers, has launched a “crafty” out-of-home campaign in California with a tagline reading, “Legally This Ad Can’t Say Much. But This Playlist Can,” with an accompanying QR code that will connect consumers directly to a unique Spotify playlist. This clever approach to advertising Ceria’s cannabis-infused products comes fresh on the heels of a major refresh of its brand image.


Since cannabis is federally illegal and thus subject to advertising restrictions in many states, Ceria had to get creative to get the word out about its brand.


The playlist conceals the brand message inside a Spotify track list by compiling song titles that spell out, in part, "Hello, Hello, Hello, we make alcohol-free beer for people who love getting high.” There are 14 songs in all. See the playlist here (tinyurl.com/craftyceria).


The song titles include “For People” by Nick Rosen; “Who,” by David Byrne and St. Vincent; and “Love” by Keyshia Cole.


The campaign, developed by Mother Los Angeles, the brand's creative advertising agency and investor, was announced by Keith Villa, Ph.D., co-founder and head brewmaster of the Denver-area company he started in January 2018 with his wife and co-founder Jodi Villa, Ceria’s Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Villa is the creator and former brewmaster of Blue Moon beer, developed during his 32 years at MillerCoors.


“Ceria drinkers will get the message – once they link the song titles together – that there are other means to enjoy the pleasurable sensations of cannabis besides smoking or ingesting it,” says Dr. Villa. “We believe consumers will appreciate this cheeky suggestion to enjoy a cannabis-infused beer that is totally alcohol-free.”

Grainwave Belgian-Style

White Ale

New Packaging Honors Goddess of Harvest


In June, Ceria (which rhymes with “area”) announced the launch of a new look for its alcohol-free non-infused and THC/CBD-infused craft beers. Ceria’s refreshed brand identity pays homage to Ceres, the ancient Roman goddess of harvest. The new packaging reveals earthy purple, blue and green tones that are classically inspired, yet have a modern and abstract feel for a universal appeal.

Jackson Savarese, California sales representative

Jackson Savarese Appointed California Sales Representative


To meet demand in California, Ceria has announced the appointment of Jackson Savarese as state sales representative. 


Savarese, formerly hospitality manager and operations associate of MedMen, a chain of retail stores and cultivation facilities, will be responsible for the growth of AF infused Ceria Grainwave and Indiewave craft beers in the state.


About Ceria Brewing Co. 


Ceria Brewing Company is a modern beverage company co-founded by Keith Villa, the brewmaster who created Blue Moon, alongside his wife and Ceria CEO Jodi Villa. Leveraging his deep knowledge of craft brewing and THC, Keith created a new unique brewing method that produces great tasting, full bodied and authentic craft beers that result in 0.00% ABV.


With a thought-provoking new brand identity paying homage to Ceres, the ancient Roman goddess of harvest, Ceria is reinventing the craft category with Grainwave (Belgian-style White ale) and Indiewave (IPA) craft beers, available in both alcohol-free and alcohol-free plus THC/CBD-infused collections. While both collections are alcohol-free at 0.00% ABV, the Grainwave in the THC collection includes 5mg of THC and Indiewave includes 10mg THC and 10mg CBD.


Ceria offers mindful imbibers an elevated, crafty experience in the moments that matter most. For more information visit Ceriabrewing.com, CeriaInfused.com, and follow @ceriabrewing on Instagram.





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