Yes. Ceria is an alcohol-free beer…with weed in it. Well, not exactly weed. We infuse Ceria with a pure THC distillate which is known to deliver an invigorating, uplifting buzz. Pretty great, right?

The THC distillate we use in Ceria is odorless with a slight bitter taste which complements the hops. The only thing you’ll be tasting is the favor of delicious craft beer.

The effects of Ceria can start to kick in after as little as 15 minutes, unlike traditional edibles whose effects are often not felt for 1-2 hours.

Neither. And both. The THC distillate in Ceria transcends characteristics normally attributed to Sativa or Indica strains. The extraction process removes many of the naturally occurring chemical compounds responsible for the differences we often see between strains.

Why don’t you tell us? Everyone is different but our users typically report an uplifting, invigorating buzz.

Right here.

Glad you asked! We also make non-THC versions of Indiewave and Grainwave. They are still completely alcohol-free and completely delicious, just without the buzz. Check them out here >>